Heroes Overcome

Cesar Arocha came to  Atlanta, GA to seek his dream of

becoming a professional bodybuilder. Cesar readily admits he was 

the god of his life. Standing nearly six feet tall and weighing close to 

290 pounds, he thrived on the attention of others. The more people

noticed him the better he felt. Cesar's popularity grew and so did his pride. 

He believed he had all the answers to life's

questions and there was no place for God in his life.

However, very soon things would change.

His daily routine of training was interrupted one day when he noticed 

a beautiful young lady with blonde hair and blue eyes in the gym.

She appeared to be everything he was looking for as a wife. 

Cesar quickly did all he could to win her attention. Mary Beth,

became his wife. Little did he know, God was going to use her to break 

his pride and show him his need for Him.

Mary Beth was diagnosed with cancer. This heart wrenching journey would

lead them through multiple surgeries with the doctors giving them little 

or no hope. During this time a friend would begin to share with Cesar who

about Jesus. Cesar wanted nothing to do with the Truth his friend shared until

one unforgettable night. Mary Beth had just arrived home after some of the 

most painful procedures in her journey. While she lay in the bed trying to

sleep, Cesar realized he had no power to make his wife better. In desperation,

he cried out to God for the healing of his wife and the healing of his heart.

At Mary Beth's next appointment, the doctor informed them Mary Beth's

body was free of cancer. He confessed he did not know how this happened, 

nor could medically explain the absence of cancer in her body. 

Cesar knew then , God was real. After returning home, he called his friend 

and invited him to bring his Bible over and explain to him exactly

how he could have a right relationship with God.

Cesar and his wife surrendered their lifes to Jesus!

Jesus forgave him from all his past mistakes. 

The reason God changed his heart was so Cesar could become 

the hero he was created to be. 

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